Marc Carlin, Ski Pro,

is a New York-based ski coach, instructor, and mental training expert, using his skills and his work in advanced mental and physical training research to help clients achieve their best. His private practice focuses on personal growth, behavioral modification, and performance improvement in career, athletics, and academics. Helping people acquire their personal best, and success is his passion. He enjoys helping fellow skiers achieve their peak performance on demand.

"If you've physically trained well, and are capable of winning, the only thing preventing you from the 'gold' is your mental training." - Marc Carlin

Marc has been interviewed and cited in major publications, including the Tribune family of newspapers, broadcast media, including CBS sports anchor, Tom Stephens, and long time PBS health advocate, Gary Null. He has published numerous articles on skiing, mental training and behavioral change, and is a contributing author in the new book entitled, “Real World Hypnosis-Insider Tips From Leading Hypnotists.” He is a member of the Professional Ski Instructors of America, and is a former elected official of the education committee of that prestigious certifying body.